We didn’t set out to become a wedding venue, but there’s no denying that the Chateau lends itself as the perfect setting for hopeless romantics. 

We’ve successfully hosted many different styles of weddings, where couples have the freedom to create their special day amongst the varied backdrops of the Chateau’s grounds and buildings. 

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a unique space to celebrate your marriage, and take a look at some previous celebrations below. 


"This amazing chateau was the perfect backdrop for what we wanted to create and the fact that we were able to spend the entire week with all our guests exploring Normandy, having huge dinners and late night talks by the fire made our wedding that much more special for everyone”

— Victoria & Patrick, featured in Junebug Weddings

"the château’s rich history and relaxed vibe could not have been more perfect”

"we decided to say our vows in the beautiful ruins on the château grounds. Wild blackberry curled in through the windows and the upper floors had long ago collapsed, leaving fireplaces floating in the middle of the walls. To us, it captured a truth that underpins a lot of weddings (and marriages): Time may lay waste to our plans, but it can also turn the wreckage into something uncanny."

— Jess & Luke, featured in Green Wedding shoes

"We both love the French culture and we thought it would be perfect with a laid back, yet classy chateau wedding."

 — Hildegunn & Samuel, featured in Green Wedding Shoes